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Fish Pickle

Rs. 101.00 Rs. 91.00
Unit : 200 Gms
A unique, flavourful and aromatic pickle. We can make fish pickle by using Sardine, Butter fish, Seer fish, Promphret etc. We include a Non-Veg item daily in our menu.

Prawn Pickle

Rs. 105.00 Rs. 95.00
Unit : 200 Gms
True to its fishing roots and its coastal tradition of pickling seafood, Our Prawn Pickle delivers the goodness of Kerala spices prepared with fresh prawns. These fresh prawns are de-shelled and deveined which are cooked in a rich mix of Indian spices and allowed to cool and soak for a few days before it is bottled for consumption. Our Prawn Pickle offers ready to eat pickle packed with the best fresh prawns and spices. It is normally consumed as an accompaniment with rice based meals or any Indian bread.