Difference between our online non vegs and others are quality. All our products are bought in first hand before reaching to any of our wholesalers or manufacturers. All our non veg producs are fresh and in hand quality


Yes, we do give replacement if the product is not good but you dont need to hesitate, we only serve fresh non veg products to our clients.

Yes, we have a mobile app called “Kadal Unavu” for ordering all non veg products.If your comfortable to buy the products from mobile then you can download our app from Play Store and start to book your order.

As of now we don’t have any option but we have specially designed a special combos only for you. You can choose your favourite combos from Combo offers tab. If you have any trouble or doubts for buying our products then feel free to contact to our toll free:180030000638

We provide concession on request but we provide an excellent offer. Shop for Rs 500 and get 200 ml Gingelly oil free.

Yes, at Kadal Unavu we take bulk orders on all days except Friday for parties or functions.

Yes Kadal Unavu delivers Non veg for all functions and parties.

No we do not provide already marinated and ready to cook products.

Yes, we have one time registration available, all you need to do is just register your name and shipping address and after which you can just log in and then place your order every time.

We deliver our products on every day except on Fridays from morning 9.00 AM and goes on till the afternoon 12.30 PM.

You can cancel your order by entering into the account settings and then choose your order and then click on the delete option and delete your order.

You can place your orders by two ways. One is you can log on to our site www.kadalunavu.com and select the non veg products  you like and place your order (or) can make a call to the toll free number given in the website and place your order to our kadal unavu team. All orders need to be placed 24 hours in advance only. Then you will receive a confirmation call from our customer service team and then your order gets delivered to you on the date you preferred.

If you reside in the near by area’s then there is no compulsion for you to place order for the minimum amount and also you have free home delivery. But for people from long distance, we put delivery charges for Rs 40 for people who buy below Rs 399. Products above Rs 399 will not get a delivery charges.

All orders need to be placed 24 hours in advance only. We do not process late orders or orders placed on the delivery day morning.

Yes we accept credit card.

For now we cover the whole of Chennai, we do not provide services outside Chennai.

We go to the market by early morning 4.00 AM and then purchase the items required for that particular day and then leave from the market and start to deliver the products to customers by 9.00 AM. Then the seafood packs gets delivered to the customers on or before 12.30 PM depending on the place they live.

You can go to our website www.kadalunavu.com and then click on our pricing tab you can get the pricing of all our products or you can call to the number mentioned in our website and enquire about the pricing.

Our prices are subject to change weekly. Being such a highly coveted and perishable product, fresh products is subject of regular price fluctuations. These may include fuel costs, weather delays, natural disasters, government regulations and seasonal changes in supply and demand, among others.

All of our product is guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality. If you are unhappy with an order, you may refuse the delivery, and we will do everything in our power to get you a replacement product . If you’re not completely happy with the quality of the seafood, give us a call and we’ll do our best to make it right.

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