Fish Meals in Daily Diet May Reduces Risk for Diabetes

Fish Meals

Fish meat has an advantage in decreasing diabetes risk when compared to consumption of red meat. Study conducted that about 945 male and female between 55 and 80 studied this effect.

Compared to the consumption of red meat, having fish meat has been found to have an advantage in decreasing the risk of diabetes. A study conducted on Spanish people has concluded this. 945 male and female subjects, aged between 55 and 80, were studied for the effect on health of fish meals and diabetes risk was found to be reduced in those who preferred it. The main focus of the study was cardiovascular dysfunctions.

This research was conducted in the Valencia Province and was one of the initiatives under the bigger plan of Prevention with a Mediterranean Diet Study. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of the change in dietary habits of people on their health in the Mediterranean countries over a period of some years.

The results of the study were published in the journal Nutrición Hospitalaria and revealed that the Mediterranean population that was studied had an inclination to eat large amount of red meat as well as fish. However, eating fish was found to be linked with a decreased incidence of diabetes that included lower glucose concentrations. On the other hand, consumption of red meat, particularly cured meats was related to the problem of weight gain leading to obesity.

The researchers pointed out that red meat consumption by the sample population was more than the dietary recommendation. They had red meat at least once a day. This could be influenced by many weight loss diets which recommend eating grilled veal.

Eating more than recommended red meat is linked to risk of cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and a little reduction in life expectancy mainly because of cancer or heart disease. In contrast, fish in the Mediterranean diet gave a lot of health benefits and reduced the risk of heart complications.

In general, fish meals present in diets provide the required amount of essential phospholipids and amino and fatty acids with valuable impact on boosting the immune system and helping optimal growth. The Omega-3 fat content helps prevent arteriosclerosis, increase cognitive functions or reduce the level of wear in the cartilages that could lead to osteoarthritis.

The advantages of eating fresh fish, both white and especially oily, have been made evident, and while various assumptions have been given as to how the substances provided by fish meals help, the researchers have put forward the conclusion that a high level of omega-3 fat in the muscles will heighten sensibility to insulin.

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