Chicken soup cure is no myth


Chicken soup cure is no myth, with new research suggesting broth could fend off malaria

Chicken soup really could boost the health, according to a new study showing traditional broths may combat malaria. 

The humble fare has long been offered to those battling flu and fevers, thanks to a belief in its powers of restoration. 

More than 60 homemade broths brought in by an ethnically diverse group of children from a London primary school were found to interrupt the life cycle of the most deadly of the malarial parasites.

A range of soups, ranging from vegetable to beef and chicken, were found to have the power to interrupt the life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum, which causes 99 percent of deaths from malaria and is transmitted through infected mosquitos.

The study into the home remedies was prompted by the development of an antimalarial drug called artemesin in recent years.

It originates from the plant qinghao, used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat fever.

Researchers asked London schoolchildren to bring in samples of homemade soup broths made using family recipes passed down through generations.

The children’s ethnic backgrounds ranged from across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

They incubated extracts from 56 broths for three days with different cultures of Plasmodium falciparum to see if any could stop the growth of the sexually immature parasites.

They also assessed whether the samples could block sexual maturation – the stage at which the parasite can infect the mosquito.

Many samples were found to increase the rate of parasite growth – with no one ingredient identified as holding the anti-malarial powers. 

In all, five of the broths curbed growth by more than 50 percent, with two of them as effective as a leading antimalarial drug, dihydroartemisinin. Four others were more than 50 percent effective at blocking sexual maturation, so potentially stopping malarial transmission.

Source: Telegraph

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