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Buy Meat Online in Tamilnadu

If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian who cannot go two days without having some kind of meat, here’s great news for you! You no longer need to search online for “meat seller near me” to find fresh and luscious cuts. Now, you can buy your favourite meats online and have them delivered right from the shore to your doorstep. All you need to is visit Kadalunavu online and place your order.

Buy Fresh Meat Online at Kadalunavu

Kadalunavu, one of the best online meat shops in Tamilnadu, offers a wide variety of fresh and marinated meat. The large variety of meat items available here includes:

  • Sea fish
  • Fresh water fish
  • Prawn
  • Crab
  • Mutton
  • Chicken
  • Egg

Order Ready to Fry Meats at Kadalunavu

Apart from fresh meat, Kadalunavu also offers ready-to-fry cut meats. The selection of ready-to-fry meats includes mutton samosa, chicken samosa, French fries, chicken pops, mutton roll, and chicken roll.

Shop Marinades from Kadalunavu

You can also buy marinated fish and chicken from Kadalunavu. The recipes for the marinades are created by celebrity chef Ram Prakash. Chef holds the world record for preparing 2089 authentic Tamil dishes in 50 hours of non-stop cooking. Chef Ram Prakash believes in using authentic ingredients and following traditional cooking methods.

Get Lip-smacking Pickles on Kadalunavu

Miss your favourite pickles? No more wait to enjoy them. Kadalunavu offers mouth-watering prawn and fish pickles. These pickles are made from the freshest choices of meat using natural ingredients and wood pressed oil to retain the traditional taste.

Kadalunavu Uses Sanitized Packaging Methods

Kadalunavu uses highly sterilized processes to clean and pack the meat. All the processing and packing methods comply with food safety and nutritional security standards. So, the next time you have a craving to eat meat, don’t go in search of meat delivering places in Chennai. Sit in the comfort of your home and buy fresh chicken online from Kadalunavu. Give your tastebuds a treat with the freshest and tastiest meat from Kadalunavu.

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