How to Cut, Shop, and tastefully Fry Vanjaram/Seer fish

Vanjaram Boneless: How to cut and Fry Vanjaram Fish
How to cut and Fry Vanjaram/Seer Fish

Vanjaram Fish

Vanjaram fish or seer fish is very popular for its taste and its price! This fish is a very fast swimmer. Also, it fights vigorously when caught, which makes it very difficult to catch this fish. Hence, the expensive price tag! In Kerala, this fish is called Neymeen. In parts of south coastal Karnataka and northern parts of Kerala, it’s called Aiykoora. The Sri Lankans call this fish “thora”. The name of Vanjaram fish in English is Spanish mackerel.

There are many health benefits of Vanjaram fish. This saltwater fish has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are good for the heart. It also contains vitamins and minerals. It has unsaturated fat that dissolves in the blood. So, it doesn’t cause arterial blockages. Experts believe that the fatty acids in fresh Vanjaram fish prevent cell inflammation and aid the development of the structure of the cell. It has high levels of Vitamin A that’s good for the eyes.

How to cut Vanjaram fish

How to cut Vanjaram/Seer Fish
How to Cut Vanjaram / Seer Fish

If you’re buying this fish from the market, you can get the fish seller to cut it for you. However, if you want to buy it as a whole, then make sure you have a large knife as you need to cut through the single bone in the middle of the fish. The steps to cut a fresh Vanjaram fish are:

  • Step One: Cut the fins
  • Step Two: Cut the tail
  • Step Three: Cut the head part with the gills
  • Step Four: After you remove the gills, semi-circles of thorns in reddish shade will be seen in the gill area on the head. Gently pull them out and discard
  • Step Five: In the body part, slice the side of the body of the fish and remove the gut (intestine, stomach, and other parts)
  • Step Six: Chop the fish into small ovals with the bone at the centre

How and Where to shop for the best Vanjaram fish?

You can buy seer fish online or at a local market. When you buy fish, you need to check the colour, smell, firmness, and texture. The fish should have a metallic colour and no discolorations. There should not be any dark spots on the body of the fish. Fresh fish will have a mild smell of saltwater. If the fish is fresh, then it will feel soft and tender when touched. Also, it will be slightly springy. So, when you throw it gently on a surface, it will bounce lightly.

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How to tastefully fry Vanjaram fish?

Vanjaram Boneless Marinated
Vanjaram Boneless

You can fry this fish with the skin or after peeling the skin. However, most fish lovers prefer to cook the seer fish with the skin. To tastefully fry this fish, you need to first prepare a marinade. There are different types of marinades that you can use depending on your favourites. However, the simplest method is to prepare a paste of onions and curry leaves. To this add, turmeric powder, perumjeera powder, chilli powder, and salt. Apply this paste to the fish and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Then pan-fry the fish.

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