Best Fish Seller Near Me in Chennai

Fresh Vanjaram/Seer Fish

Where Can I Buy Fresh Fish in TamilNadu?

The question in the minds of every fish-lover in our state is “Where can I buy fresh fish in Tamilnadu?” The answer to your question is, “right from your home”! Wondering how? Visit Kadalunavu, a top fish seller in Chennai. Browse through the excellent selection of fishes offered to order your favourite. Kadalunavu sources the fish right from the shore and packs them using sanitized processes that are untouched by hands. The fish is delivered directly to your doorstep. So, you don’t need to worry about getting up at the crack of dawn to browse through the crowded shops to buy the fish you love.

What Variety of Fishes are Available?

Kadalunavu online fish seller in Chennai offers a wide variety of fresh fishes as well as dry fishes. A few of the various types of fresh fishes available on Kadalunavu are:

  • Vanjaram
  • Seer fish
  • Kadal viral
  • Cobia
  • Fresh water pomfret/black pomfret
  • Catla
  • Soorai
  • Indian salmon
  • Rohu
  • Sura
  • Squid

You can also get dry fishes such as Valla Karuvadu, Vanjaram Karuvadu, and Nethili Karuvadu at this online store.

Are Marinades and Ready-to-Cook also Available Online?

Marinated Chicken Boneless

Apart from fishes, this fish seller in Chennai also offers marinades that are ready-to-cook. The recipes for the marinades are prepared by celebrity Chef Ram Prakash. The marinade recipes contain a unique combination of traditional Tamil ingredients as well as modern additions, which enhance the natural succulence and taste of the fish. All the ingredients used in the marinades are pure and 100% natural. They come ready to cook. All you need to do is take the fresh marinated fish from the package and transfer it to a pan or oven to cook it just the way you like it.

Do you enjoy eating fish every other day and miss the fresh fish that you would get in your home town? You don’t need to search for “Where to buy fresh fish in Chennai?” Simply visit Kadalunavu to find a wide variety of sea and river fishes, dry fish, and marinades.

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