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5 Reasons to Buy Fish Online

Fresh sea foods

Where do you get the best, freshest and tastiest fishes? It’s when you go buy them directly from the fishermen when they bring the catch to the shore. But then it is not practically possible to go to the shore every week and buy fresh fish. You’ll have to rely on shops that sell fishes or go to huge supermarkets where you need to buy frozen fishes. The taste of a day-old fish or frozen fish will not be the same as that of fresh one, right? If we tell you that you can get fresh fish right from the shore to your door step, wouldn’t it be wonderful? Nowadays, you can order fresh fish online and have it delivered right at your door step. Let’s tell you the top 5 reasons to buy fish online.

Fresh and not Frozen

The fish sold online is not stocked anywhere. It means that they get the fish from the source and directly shop it to your address. So, it is not frozen or kept for a day or two and delivered to your house.

Large number of selections

Your local shop may have only a few varieties of fish and that too in limited quantities. When you shop for fish online, you will have a large variety to choose from. You can buy fresh water fish or sea fish. If you enjoy exotic fish, you can even buy them from online stores.

Doorstep delivery

The most convenient thing about buying fish online is that you don’t have to worry about going to the fish market at the crack of dawn. Relax at home, fresh fish will be delivered right to your doorstep. No hassles, no tension!

Ready to Fry Marinates

Apart from fresh fish, you can even buy marinated ready-to-fry fish. Marinated fish are cleaned, prepped, and marinated. So, you can directly fry, bake, or barbeque them right out of the box. It saves you a lot of effort and prep time.

Trimmed and Clean

The best thing about buying fish online is that it is cleaned and descaled before it is packed and delivered. So, you don’t need to worry about the backbreaking job of cleaning the fish before cooking.

Replacement option

When you buy fish online from a platform like Kadalunavu, you get a bonus benefit. You have the option to return the fish if you find any issue with it. The return is as simple and easy as the purchase. So, go ahead and place your order for fish on Kadalunavu

Kadalunavu is one of the top online shopping portals that offers export-quality fish bought first hand from the fishermen before they are taken to wholesalers or distributers. The marinades offered on this online store are based on recipes created by celebrity Chef Ram Prakash.. Explore our online store to order your favourite fish right away.

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