Meat/Fish Shops Near Me: Top 5 Places to Order Seafood Online in Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

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If you are in Tamil Nadu, and you find yourself constantly searching online for the best seafood merchant around you that stocks your favourite fish, meat (mutton), chicken, prawns and crabs, then you’d find this article valuable. It’s written for someone like you!

It’s remarkable how a lot could change overnight, and life, as we have known, looks quite different, like it did back in early March when very nearly overnight, the predictable part of our daily lives suddenly becomes unpredictable. No doubts our shopping experiences is one of those.

For years, we have grown accustomed to the in-store shopping experience by dashing into the next available stores, flipping through store sections and browsing different rows of shelves and categories of our favourite stores. We have suddenly grown from that experience to eventually realize it is smarter now just to stay at home.

At most, the best experience now involves waiting in lines, long lines, to get in, following floor markers and wearing masks, only to find a few fishes and meat available. A simple, enjoyable shopping experience is now at most tedious and time-consuming. Life comes at you fast, and this year it came like a freight train, and the tricky part is that we don’t know when or how all of this ends.

Some of us, a great deal many of us, it seemed, have retreated to the internet partly or entirely, relying on online stores and merchants for our basic needs. We’re cooking more at home, some of us more than we ever intended to in this lifetime. So where can we find the best of fish, meat, chicken Prawns & Crabs, and other seafood products we desire, at a price we can afford?

Also, suppose you have always preferred purchasing your seafood products online but have always been looking to compare price options before all this kicked off—the way the seafood industry has been battling it for premium services in India —your prayers have been answered.

Whether you choose to never set foot in the store again, or you’re stuck at home cooking more than ever, here are the top seafood stores that offer the best value at price points, quality, and delivery time in Tamil Nadu, India:

1.     Kadal Unavu: Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024, India

Online Seafood Store in Chennai

Kadal Unavu gets the top pick here for their premium healthy and natural products, and quality service delivery, They have a wide range of affordable seafood products like Mutton, Fish, Chicken, Crabs, Prawns, Eggs, Pickle and Oil. Compared to other sellers on the list, they offer the lowest price range for different categories of their products.

Perhaps one of the most striking advantages they have is their efficient home delivery service. On average, you get a 100% product delivery within 120mins of order at your doorstep at a relatively cheap rate.

Based on a multi-conduit retail system, KadalUnavu brings one of the finest seafood products to your doorstep.

Price: From Rs.148. You can check here for their full price range

Quality: You get a 100% of what you order, cut and prepared how you like; neatly and freshly cut, and then packed and placed in an insulated box that is kept chilled by the ice packs within, ensuring your order reaches you in the perfect condition and in time.

Payment: You could choose to use an online payment option or choose to pay on delivery.

Delivery: Home delivery within 120mins. They also offer free delivery for a minimum order of Rs. 700

Customer Rating: 4.8/5

PS: They are currently running a discount promo as at the time of writing this post. This might be a good time to place your order. You can check the promo page here

2.   Licious

Meat/Fish Seller

Licious is your one-stop fresh meat delivery shop. In here, you get nothing but the freshest meat & seafood, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Like other retailers on this list, Licious has an interesting list of products, ranging from meat, fish, chicken, to kebabs and ready to cook seafood products.   

Their website and delivery service also make it a convenient exercise buying online anytime.

Indulge in their diverse selection to place your order: Chicken, Mutton, Seafood (Fish, Prawns, Crabs) at both Marinades & Cold Cuts.

Once you’ve experienced Licious, you’ll never go back to the old way of buying meat and seafood.

Price: From cheap to relatively high

Quality: They are known to serve good quality wide-range of meat products

Payment: Online payment portal, and pay-on-delivery

Customer Review: 4.8/5

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3.     SupremeSeafood: Chennai-600001, Tamil Nadu, India

Fish/Meat Seller

Established in 2010, Supremeseafood serves its customers by offering good product value to their patrons. Supremeseafood is engaged in wholesaling of Fresh Seafood, Exotic Seafood, Sea Lobster, Sea Crab, Live Fish and many more.

They are regarded as the pioneers of home delivery of fresh seafood in India. They also have a range of products varying from cheap to relatively expensive. They also offer home delivery of high-quality Fresh seafood on their website and via call.

Price: From cheap to relatively high

Quality: They are known to serve a good quality product

Payment: Online payment portal, and pay-on-delivery

Customer Review: 4.5/5

4.     Tendercuts: Chennai & Hyderabad

Online Meat & Fish Seller

“Fresh to Fork: Fresh as you wish; safe as you want!”

This sentence pretty much sums what Tendercuts is about. They are reputed to serve one of the best healthy and natural seafood products in the area they serve – Chennai and Hyderabad.

Tendercuts has an impressive store of seafood products. Their products order is packed with Ice Gel Pad Technology to preserve and keep your order fresh, to avoid microbes and delivered with utmost care.

Tendercuts ensures what you get is 100% fresh fish, chicken and mutton and not frozen.

Price: From cheap to relatively high

Quality: They are known to serve good quality wide-range of meat products

Payment: Online payment portal, and pay-on-delivery

Customer Review: 4.3/5

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5.    Fipola

Online Fish Seller

Fipola is regarded as India’s first modern meat retail company for fresh proteins. They have a mission to redefine meat retailing in the country by delivering premium products and best-in-class customer service within a hygienic and convenient shopping environment.

Fipola offers a wide range of products: meats/fish/poultry/lamb, with different cuts and flavours. Their product range includes free-range chicken and goat, alongside a wide variety of exotic seafood.

Price: From cheap to relatively high

Quality: They are known to serve good quality wide-range of meat products

Payment: Online payment portal, and pay-on-delivery

Customer Review: 4.1/5

These online stores offer some of the coolest discount prices and promo offers. However, whatever option you settle for, we recommend taking the best advantage of KadalUnavu’s discount prices.

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