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Stocking Up Food For Corona Virus? Here’s where to Get Fresh, Healthy Protein Foods in Chennai


You might be feeling a little anxious and overwhelmed by the latest developments involving Coronavirus. Since the quarantine cases went up by 800 in Tamil Nadu, restrictions have been placed on a lot of activities, everyone is urged to maintain social distancing; to stay at home and step out only if necessary. In the current scenario, you must keep your home equipped for a quarantine. It is advisable to keep your houses stocked with essentials.

Our guess is top of your list is shopping for groceries, especially healthy food that will last for an extended period — about two weeks’ worth for those who are quarantined. But what if you don’t need to do panic buying and keep stocking up food in anxiety?

Whatever the situation, it’s still possible to eat healthy food when stuck at home, even more importantly, you want to make sure you’re getting sufficient protein throughout the day since your immune system cells rely on it. Without enough, you may start to feel weak and tired. The good thing is, there are trusted platforms that are still committed to making sure you continue to eat healthy seafood despite the situation.

You may be Wondering, where Can I order Fish Online In Chennai?

Whether you are looking for a fish market to get fresh fish to boost your protein source or you are wondering where to order fish online at affordable prices for delivery in Chennai, then here is your best bet to getting safe, healthy and affordable seafood in Chennai.

What other Protein Do I need and Where Can I order Online?

Other healthy protein options can give you the nutrition you need beyond fish. The good thing is, for your protein source, there are a trusted platform and a list of rich protein catalog to consider during moments like this:

Fish: Sea Fish

Sankara |Vanjaram/Seer Fish |White Pomfret |Cobia / Kadal Viral |Black Pomfret / Vavval |Anchovies / Nethili |Indian Halibut / Naaku |Barracuda / Sheela |Shark / Sura Travelly / Paarai |

Fish: Dry Fish

Valla Karuvadu |Nethili Karuvadu |Vanjaram Karuvadu

Prawn & Crabs

Sea Crab |Pink Prawn |Live Crab |Sea White prawns |Flower Prawn |Tiger Prawn |Fresh Water Prawn

Chicken: Broiler

Chicken With Skin |Chicken Without Skin |Chicken Boneless |Chicken Wings |Chicken Leg Piece |Chicken Lollipop |Chicken Breast

Chicken: Country

Country Chicken


Mutton |Mutton Keema |Mutton Boneless |Mutton Spleen / Manneral |Mutton Soup Bone |Mutton Paya / Aatukaal |Mutton Nalli |Mutton Liver |Mutton Head |Mutton Brain



You should also check out special Combo Offers for the best deals this period.

Is it healthy to Order Sea Food Online?

Here’s the thing, there is just so much one can store at home at a time, with a serious need to avoid places where you will come into contact with lots of people and surfaces touched by lots more people like the supermarkets and grocery stores, you’d have to depend on making food orders on trusted platforms.

Will KadalUnavu Make Delivery to my Destination?

Yes! KadalUnavu will deliver 100% quality of your order to your
doorstep at the cheapest rate ever! You could choose to use an online payment option or choose to pay on delivery. Besides, your order is prepared how you like; neatly and freshly cut, and then packed and placed in an insulated box that is kept chilled by the ice packs within, ensuring your order reaches you in the perfect condition and in
time. The best part is that you get free delivery when you Shop for Rs. 399/- and above.

Where Can I also buy food online?

Just in case you haven’t figured out where to get your groceries from, here is a good resource to consider by Thekitchn

What Else Should I stock up Beyond Food?

In addition to food, we suggest you stock up on any prescription medicines, as well as household basics like toilet paper, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, pet food, hand soap, shampoo, over-the-counter pain relievers/fever reducers, cold medicines, and tampons/sanitary napkins.

Stay safe and healthy!

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