Are You Looking For Where To Buy Fish Online In Chennai?


Whether you are looking to buy fresh fish online or order fresh prawn and crabs for delivery in Chennai, you are at the right store. At Kadalunavu , you can comfortably buy your fishes for delivery in small and big sizes.
We also offer the best prices on Prawns (including tiger Prawns) and Crabs, exotic meat and chicken. And yes, we are present across various categories of export quality seafood including Pomfert, Prawns, Surmai, Lobsters, Crabs, exotic fishes – and still counting!
Here’s the interesting part, at Kadalunavu, we deliver 100% quality product to your doorstep at the cheapest rate ever! Your order is prepared how you like, neatly and freshly cut, and then packed and placed in an insulated box that is kept chilled by the ice packs within, ensuring your order reaches you in the perfect condition and in time.
KadalUnavu is a foremost company that keeps the desires of the consumers at the
centre of the business strategies. We have the fishes you are looking for; whether fresh or dry. You can also check our low-priced prawns and crabs . You will also find exotic meat (mutton) and fresh chickens here.
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